💙 Blue Castle 💙 Color Shifting Tags

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💙 Blue Castle 💙 Color Shifting Tags

Azul con tonalidades de coral . Los "color shifting tags" cambian de color, son una hermosa mezcla de brillo y colores que cambian con el movimiento. Elige tu favorito. Varios Tamaños.

Salty, wavy and full of color. These tags take you to Sardinera @ Hatillo, P.R
These are part of our 100x35 Collection.

Make it yours and personalize it! Include in your notes: (you can copy & paste this on the notes and fill it out)
Pet name or front quote:
Info on the back:
Font & Style:
Hardware (ring) Color:
Color on the edges: (optional)

If you don't choose a font and hardware color, we will do it for you.

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