About Us

PlayaBrillo History:
PlayaBrillo was created in 2019 after moving back home (Puerto Rico) from Connecticut. I was looking for a new hobby where I could let my creativity flow as well as a way to improve my mental health. I found a new medium: resin, and I felt in love with its endless possibilities. I started practicing, and incorporating my knowledge and experience (over 20 years of art knowledge and experience) with this new medium. My first pieces were inspired in my dogs and I created a few pieces (tags) that could give them both a sense of fabulousness and safety. My dogs and my friends’ dogs were my first customers. In 2020, like most people, I lost my job due to the pandemic. But even before the lockdown took place, I was thinking about quitting my job and creating my small business: PlayaBrillo. I can definitely say the pandemic and lockdown were key to beginning my businness and it pushed me to finally do it once and for all. Regardless of not being in Puerto Rico right now (for many reasons), and Playabrillo not being my main job, I continue to aim to have my own store one day. I dream of having a place for all of your dogs where they can have fun while I work on creating beautiful pet tags in the moment for them. Currently, I am in Kansas City, MO and, every month, I participate in my neighborhood’s event called: Small Business Wednesday. I am proudly bringing puertorican talent to my neighbors every second Wednesday of the month. Our tags are art that can be wore!

About the creator:

My name is Saimelís, a 32-years-old chick from Camuy, Puerto Rico. I’ve always been very passionate about arts in general. I started taking art classes when I was 10-years-old. I love being in tune with my creative side. Now I get to intertwined my creative side with another passion of mine: dogs! That’s the real deal and, definitely, a dream come true! I had no idea one day I was going to have the opportunity to combine my two favorite things and make it a job.
Our name:
Playa (beach) Brillo (glitter, shine): our name was chosen thinking about Puertorican beaches and landscapes. After living in Connecticut for 3 years, I realized how much I was missing Puerto Rico’s beaches and landscapes along with their uniqueness, shine and colors. I want to be able to recreate and portray a representation of our island’s beaches and landscapes through our signature beach theme tags 🙌🇵🇷